Strategic Consulting Tools

Up-Point Consulting has 8 years of more than one hundred successful cases experiences and it studied strategy theories from international famous management masters and top consulting organizations. Therefore, Up-Point Consulting developed a series of practical strategic models focus on Chinese market which have been widely used in different markets, and some of them are popular within consulting industry as well.

· PEST Analysis
· Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
· Industry's Competitory Structure Analysis
· Stakeholder Analysis
· Product Life Cycle Theory
· Value chain analysis
· 7S Model
· Management Grid
· The Balanced Score Card
· Cause Effect Diagram
· Job-value Evaluation


· SWOT Analysis
· Strategy Position and Action Evaluation Matrix
· Boston Matrix
· GE Matrix
· Product—Market Matrix
· Intra-industry Strategic Group Analysis Matrix
· Behavioral Event Interview
· 360°Evaluation Approach
· KPI Performance Examination
· 6S Management Theory
· Situational Management Theory

  · Directional Policy Matrix
· Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix
· Product Market Diversification Matrix
· Decision Tree
· 8S Network Map
· Strategic Clock Map
· Job Measurement
· Brain Storming
· 5W2H Method
· Business Process Re-engineering and Organizational Structure Re-engineering