Strategic Investment and Financing Consulting

In China economy is fast growing, whether the enterprise can survive and develop, whether it can realize its business goal, investment and financing are key factors to success. So far, short of cash and risk evasion are two main problems faced by enterprises, and even become to the bottle neck of the enterprise. Up-Point Consulting’s investment and financing services can help enterprise to make project feasibility analysis, including project concept positioning, market analysis, profit model, financial analysis and etc..

· Project Market Research, Customer Analysis, General Planning, Market Positioning, Re-packaging
· Project Analysis and Feasibility Study Report
· Client’s Project Appraisal and Make Recommendations
· Business Plan
· Investment and Financing Proposal
· Make Introduction for the Multimedia Project
· Exam, Evaluate and Plan of Investing and Financing Strategy and Plan
· Take Client’s Authorization to Deal with Finance Organization for financing matters