Enterprise Strategic Development Consulting

We believe enterprise strategic development is the strategy of the enterprise. Developing creates changes, means creation. Our strategic consulting service is not about educating our clients how to do but guiding client how to make changes. Strategy is the foundation of an enterprise; it is an overall plan contains integration, long-term effects and basics, therefore to avoid going in the wrong direction. Up-Point Consulting customized development strategy for the enterprise, and it is not a subjective imagination or not a common way of thinking or not knowledge accumulation or experiences copying, in fact it is scientific, practical, new, unique and creative evaluation and planning of a strategic development problem for an enterprise. Up-Point Consulting uses the following technical means and management tools to ensure enterprise strategic development problem will be solved. ?
· Use competitive analysis tools to study the market and develop trends and perform data analysis comprehensively and subjectively.
· Perform detailed research and data analysis of rivals; and try to understand their advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats.
· From inside of an enterprise to analyze the advantage and disadvantage of resources, then locate the core competitive capabilities.
· Perform subjective analysis, data analysis and critical success factor analysis of top enterprises within their industries.
· Use cost management tools to analyze enterprise's cost competitive advantages.
· Identify business area and location area of an enterprise, and specify enterprise's development direction and make decision of entering or quitting certain markets.
· Design different development strategies and targets, therefore clients can choose their most wanted one.
· Use the notion of sharing customer relationship and costs to perform scientific projections, and analyze the feasibility of adopting a multi-factors strategy. ??
· Identify enterprises' diverse and professional strategic decisions.
· Design detailed enterprises' development plans, monitoring and control procedures.
· Adjust business management structure (adopt new technology and process re-engineering) according to new business areas.
· Design target and monitoring and control procedure for each phase in the strategic development cycle.
· Use KPI system to ensure the effectiveness of controlling strategic development implementation.

Strategic consulting is a series of consulting services; it will develop a strategic solution which focuses on improving core competitive advantages, developing diverse business areas, becoming internationalization, business process re-engineering, changing organization structure and etc. Strategic consulting will identify the correct direction of development, and enterprises will achieve competitive advantages in persistence development.

Up-Point Consulting has many years of experiences, and it also united with famous strategic experts to develop a set of strategic tools. These tools have been widely used by many enterprises to complete their strategic development tasks.