Strategic Branding Consulting

Up-Point Consulting aims to create a brand with bright characters, abundant association s, great value, good reputation and loyalty. Strategic branding consulting services provide core contents are: plan the brand identity system based on the core value and guide the enterprise’s marketing events; at the same time, optimize the brand strategy and brand structure to increase the brand value and utilize the brand equity.??

Up-Point Consulting based on its many years’ strategic branding consulting experiences, we believe it is necessary to plan the following four areas in order to create a big brand.

Plan the brand identity system based on the core value, therefore to direct the enterprise’s marketing events
·Start all around and scientific brand research and diagnosis, and study the market condition, target customers and rivals, thus to provide accurate and detailed information to strategic brand decision.
·On top of brand research and diagnosis, we abstract core values which can affect customers, such as differentia, explicitness, perceptiveness, comprehensiveness and impressiveness.
·Plan the brand identity system based on core values, basic recognition and expanding recognition represent concretion and vitality of core values, and then this plan will make the combination of brand identity and marketing events more operable.
·Brand identity system will lead to marketing events, and make sure each marketing event will deliver brand core value, brand inspiration and pursuit; therefore the enterprise will increase its brand value every time it launches an adverting campaign.? ?
·Design brand building target, equivalent to a brand equity system.

Select brand strategy and build brand structure

An important task of strategic brand planning is to make scientific brand strategy and brand structure. After understanding the pattern of different brand models, and take deep researches about enterprise’s financial status, size, development stage, product features, customer behaviors, price competition and brand promotion ability, then make a strategy which should be low cost, high profit, achievable and has potential to create a strong brand image. This strategy should contain all or some of the following patterns:
· Brand Integration Strategy
· Product Brand Strategy
· Product Line Brand Strategy
· Classified Brand Strategy
· United Brand Strategy
· Endorsed Brand Strategy
· Brand and Side-brand Strategy

At the same time, plan well the relationship between enterprise brand and other products brands, as well as the relationship within all brands, and build scientific brand structure.

Rational expend the brand and gain more profits by using brand resource

The aim of building a strong brand is to maintain persistent sales and profits. Repeat using intangible assets will not incur any additional cost, as long as the enterprise can plan its strategy well. The enterprise can achieve leap- forward development by using intangible assets effectively. Therefore, an important task for Up-Point Consulting strategic brand service is to plan the following stages scientifically and perspectively.
· Create a comprehensive core value for a brand and trend for brand extension and stretching.
· How to catch the opportunity for brand extension and stretching
· How to avoid brand stretching risks
· How to enhance brand core value and brand association, and increase brand equity
· How to promote new product within brand stretching
scientifically manage different branding assets and accumulate more branding assets

In order to create a brand with bright characters, abundant associations, great value, good reputation and loyalty, enterprises have to complete following three tasks: ?
· Know brand equity structure and understand all criteria of brand equity and their inter-relationships, such as popularity, reputation, association, price premium ability and loyalty. Then combine this brand equity with enterprise’s current situation to set target for brand equity. This will clearly show the direction for brand building and preserve all its optional while reducing wastes.
· Follow the overall branding plan and focus on brand equity target, design a marketing strategy to increase brand equity with low costs.
· Keep track on building brand equity target, amend next target and strategy correspondingly.

Strategic brand consulting is not only about marketing, advertisement, public relation and end sales, and daily marketing routine works will not create a big brand. To build a big brand has to follow the above four principals to plan and execute a brand strategy, therefore the enterprise will realize some brand value each time it launch a marketing event.