Technology Broker Consulting

The Research result by Up-Point Consulting shows the Chinese technology market is huge. Only Beijing, every year the technology trading volume reached more than 20 billions RMB. However, most service organizations in this market act like a “simple” agent; they do not customize the technology promotion plan to suit the client particularly. Therefore, it substantially reduces the possibility of getting new technologies succeed. This also creates negative effects to the health market growth.

Up-Point Consulting uses the advantage of Golden Bridge Projects in China Association for Science and Technology to establish a good collaboration relationship with many experts and research organizations. Up-Point Consulting helps them to commercialize their research results by contacting enterprises, this will also become to the source of enterprises’ persistent development.

(1) Find weakness of traditional services and identify our competitive advantages.

The owner of the new technology, especially the hi-tech projects concern the cycle time of transferring the technology, how to help them to complete transferring in a short period of time. The “agent” model will not achieve this goal effectively or satisfy the client’s needs. Up-Point Consulting has picked up this gag and focuses on projects with high technology content and DEVELOP prospect market.

(2) Distinguish the traditional technology broker and provide comprehensive consulting services.

· Increase the technology demonstration of the project as well as the technology content, authority and feasibility.
· By increasing the technology demonstration of the project, the client can easily see the current market condition of the project and the potential market and profits. This will make the market outlook more transparent and reduce the project life cycle. ????
· Improve the professionally of the technology market. For any potential project, Up-Point Consulting will organize experts to combine relevant technical demonstration and market demonstration into the business plan, therefore to reduce the time for the client to review the market.??
· Base on the above complete services, Up-Point Consulting provides the reliable research report and the marketing plan if necessary.