Up-Point Consulting provides strategic consulting services to government sector and enterprises based on its deep understanding of “strategy and marketing” and plenty real life experiences. Up-Point Consulting has assisted many large Chinese enterprises to accomplish rapid growth and their dreams. Up-Point Consulting also brought enterprises from ordinary to excellent.

Strategic Consulting Group (Beijing Up-Point Marketing Consulting Co. Ltd.) is one of the important groups in Up-Point Consulting Group. It has 8 years history and accumulated near one hundred different consulting cases. This group based on its own great resource advantage, and it provides organization strategic development consulting service, strategic marketing consulting service, strategic branding consulting service, strategic investment consulting and technology broker consulting services.

Strategic Consulting Group has people from up level management in domestic and international management consulting firms, multinational companies and large scale national enterprises; therefore they have international standard skills in terms of strategic consulting, marketing probing, brand planning, integrated marketing communication planning, marketing management and training. In addition, Up-Point Consulting Group is a member of China Association for Science and Technology, by building broad alliance, using top industrial experts and management experts and technology professional team; it can provide customized services to satisfy clients’ needs. Up-Point Consulting combines inside analysis of an organization and outside market research, it uses resources and experiences of top experts in China as well as project management and tracking system, to ensure the quality and implementation of strategic consulting projects.

Break through the “Red Sea” strategy and “old product revival scheme” are core competitive products of Up-Point Consulting. Our strategic experts make suggestion about break through the “Red Sea” strategy, theories and execution plans, which based on the current Chinese “Red Sea” market condition. By doing this, our experts solve the severe market competition problem for enterprises to a great degree, and provide facts for enterprises who are seeking persistence development.

Strategic Consulting Group has 3 sub-divisions: strategic marketing division, strategic management division and strategic investment division, it also has many branches and cooperate companies around China.


· One of top 20 strategic consulting organizations in China, the most influential strategic consulting organization with Chinese characteristics.
· Strategic probing, strategic planning, strategic implementation and marketing planning – “one stop” strategic marketing system solution.
· 8 years experiences with one hundred success cases.
· Creative and practical strategic consulting tools.
· Aligned with 20 companies from the Global 500 companies; became strategic partners with China 500 companies and accumulated industrial experiences from 600 clients.
· With background of China Association for Science and Technology, and have enormous resources from government and different industrial associations.
· Established branches in other provinces and cities in China and developed a network system cover 30 provinces around China.
· More than 60 doctors, masters and MBA in our professional team.
· Our strategic consulting team is constructed with top experts in China.

· Mission: put strategy into practice.
· Vision: become No.1 Chinese brand in strategic consulting industry.
· Strategy: alignment to create more value.