My dear respected friends

For UP-POINT Consulting, "Historic Moment" is really the exact words to describe the year of 2006. Certainly, the eight years by itself is a milestone in its history. Moreover, the 8th year is an important and thriving moment for UP-POINT Consulting to succeed and carry on. It provides us an opportunity to join the large family of global consulting industry.

In the past eight years, we kept improving our understanding and analytical capability of marketing in china, and provided customized "Total Marketing Solution" for our companions who have grown together with us. As an eminent consulting company, it is satisfying that we are trusted and supported by industry leaders more than ever before. We know well that they need UP-POINT to take on the complicated job of market research, strategic positioning, integrated marketing communication, and brand promotion to deal with the more and more complex, profound, and urgent marketing challenges.

Every client has its unique demands. Each of them changes its understanding of marketing values over time. UP-POINT wants to explain that, once market value is created, it will be the ever-lasting force of sustainable development of enterprises. In this respect, we are strengthening the UP-POINT's capability in total marketing solution to establish ourselves as an industrial leader, in order to help our companions face competition positively and create market value initiatively.

Eight years of gread efforts makes UP-POINT as it is today, an eminent consulting company. First, I would like to thank my team - I am proud of them. They not only undertook the important task in developing history, but also prepared for future development by hard work. I especially want to thank my clients. It was by their unremitting support that UP-POINT gained its splendor today.

The task entrusted to us is heavy and our road ahead is a long one. Future UP-POINT is to enhance the brand competency, to keep steady financial growth, and for provide whole-hearted marketing consulting service of all orientation for our companions.

President : Dr. Xu Jingkui

Vice President: He Xi
Vice President: Xu Gang