BUSINESS SCOPE-Specific market research

Based on many-years experiences in market research, the market research group has, in light of our business specialty, focused its core business on the following four aspects: specific research, consumer satisfaction research, marketing probing and online research. Meanwhile, we already have these four research divisions in place.

The specific market research is the most competitive research field of Up-point Consulting. We can provide the “custom-tailored” market research service in accordance with the client’s demand, including industry research, product market research, market competition research, sales channel research, new product test research, consumer behavior and attitude research, brand test research, advertising effect research, event evaluation research of marketing communication, consumer wants research, database research and management as well as public research and etc.

We can always understand the client’s demand accurately and design reasonable research contents, select appropriate research methods, implement and control research strictly, and prepare detailed research reports so that our clients can make their market decisions based on the rational, objective, true and reliable first-hand market information.

Industry research Product market research Sales channel research
The core content of industry research covers three aspects: (1) study of the macro-background of the industry, related policies, industry layout, life-cycle of the industry, its position in the overall macro industry structure, trend and background of growth; (2) study of the market characteristics of the industry, situation of competition, difficulty of market entry/withdraw, and market potential; (3) study of the competition strategies and mode of market behavior under different conditions and in different phases of growth. The result of industry research will provide the government and companies with right directions and evidences of choice. Product market research is one of Up-Point Consulting’s specialties. It belongs to the category of overall research. Its contents are: macro environment analysis of the product market, development of the macro market, trend of market competition, characteristics research of sales channels, characteristics study of the segmented market, related industries and their influence, status quo and development of technology, analysis of the market potential, SWOT analysis, and case study. All the above are indispensable references for new product development, and are important factors relate to marketing strategies making. Sales channel research targets at the form of the sales channel, the dealers, and the products. It includes the structure, characteristics, width and length, managing model and trend of the sales channels of industrial products and products for civilian use. The research result will help the company appraise and select appropriate forms of sales channels and qualified dealers, and know clearly about the sales channels available, the dealers, and the details of the products (size, cost, stock, competition, management, etc.)
New product test research Consumer’s behavior and attitude research Competition research
To reduce the risk of marketing a new product, a series of test research of the product attributes and the market attributes has to be done. Up-Point Consulting can provide the following services: prototype test, concept test, package test, originality test, price test, POP and advertisement test, price and sales prediction and so on. The result of these tests will provide a firm ground for the entry of the new product into the market. The research of the psychology, behavior, demands, motivation, and decision-making process of different consumer groups towards certain product (or place) and their sources of information are important evidence of market positioning of products and decision-making of marketing strategies. Our consumer research model will help the clients know deeply about their consumers and do a good job in product positioning, demand analysis, and establish core competence. In many product and industry researches, competition research is very important. The ultimate target of competition research is to dig out any available marketing information of the rivals. That may include the product strategy, sales channel strategy, sales strategy, price strategy, promotion strategy, etc. By doing this, we can seek out the weakness of the rivals, and help our clients make appropriate strategies to expand the market share; and vice versa.
Consumer wants research Brand test research Advertising effect research
By the means of questionnaire, interview, symposium, discussion, observation, and realistic description, we will conduct an all-round research of the target consumer (individuals or group) to find out their potential demands and help our clients to implement appropriate product positioning and target market positioning, so as to reduce mistakes in product choice and market choice. On the basis of sufficient researches, we will further evaluate the potential market and analyze the clients’ competence to help them making sound marketing strategies. Brand research is an important mean of learning about the current situation of a brand. The research is done by finishing a series of index tests, including the test of brand popularity, brand loyalty, brand positioning, and brand association. Other indexes include the brand image, brand purchase rate, brand market penetration, brand image mark, brand defection, and brand satisfaction, etc. The result of such research is important reference for brand probing, construction, and planning. The result of ads research shows that half of the ads rate is squandered by the payer without knowing a clear reason. The target of the advertising effect research is to reduce this waste. Over the years, Up-Point Consulting has been studying the advertising effect research from 4 aspects: positioning test, originality test, advertising communication effectiveness test, and result tracking test. Its aim is to help the clients to produce proper and effective advertising strategies.
Event evaluation Database research and management Public research
To help the companies properly evaluating the effect of marketing events (incl. ads, promotion events, media promotions, conferences and exhibitions, etc.), make better use of the marketing budget and increase return of investment, Up-Point Consulting has developed a set of event evaluation method and model. The main contents of evaluation include: size of the audience, acceptance, effective reach of information, good fame and satisfaction, audience testimony, and improvement of brand influence, etc. The evaluation model, using the theories and methods of market research, is carried out from the third party’s point of view. By creating a database, a company has tied up its relation with the potential consumers so that its target consumers will not shift to its rivals. This has made the competition between companies not so open. Up-Point Consulting’s database service intends to establish a database system of groups of people or certain types of organizations that meet the demands of our client, and conduct PR and promotion events accordingly. To improve the social image of Up-Point Consulting, we have been cooperating with the mass media on some hot social issues since 2003, and carried out public research events together. On the one hand, the research results have increased the reading rate of our partners; and on the other hand, the popularity of Up-Point Consulting has been enhanced. Some of our research results had attracted the attention of the whole society and had been reprinted for many times by some nationwide media, for example, CCTV, People’s Daily, China Business, and sina.