Up-Point Consulting guarantees the objectivity and veracity of the market survey data by strict project flowing control and management, covering the whole process control survey, visiting process control and resistively visiting rate control, etc.


The whole process control
Up-Point Consulting implements strict quality control measures to the whole process. The professional quality assessors are set up to take charge of quality survey tasks. The check proportions for individual consumer survey and group consumer survey respectively account for 10-30% and 30-50% of the total sample size. The survey quality control is executed in the whole process with the strict management system applied in the following sections: survey design- questionnaire design- survey record- survey data- data auditing- data receive- data check- data collection and typing- data analysis- report outline- report writing- client report meeting- client receive.

Visiting process control
Up-Point Consulting’s market research projects are managed by using the PM responsibility system. The projects are formally established as soon as a PM receives proposals from the department managers. The agenda of project tasks is the most primary and effective written document. PM is going to perform the project operation flow referring to the agenda of project tasks.

Resistively visiting rate control
Up-Point Consulting has rich and successful visiting experiences. Generally speaking, the following methods are adopted to reduce resistively visiting rate.

■ Better visiting condition: the member of China Association for Science and Technology, good social background and relation.
■ Reasonable sample design
■ Specifically visiting procedure
■ Comprehensive training system
■ Professional visiting experience