The market research group is one of the most important branches of Up-Point Consulting. With a history of 8 years, it has handled more than 300 research cases. The group has provided an all-round professional market research service for both domestic and overseas clients based on its strong resources; such as specific market research, satisfaction research, marketing probing research, consumer research as well as online research.

With its many years of experiences in the market research field and outstanding performances, Up-Point Consulting has grown into one of the most known market research companies in China, and became to the long-term strategic partner of many international organizations, multi-national companies and Chinese large enterprises in the field of the information and market research. By accurately studying the demands of our clients, we design reasonable research contents, select right research methods, implement and control the research strictly, and prepare detailed research reports to make sure that the rational, objective and effective first-hand market information are presented.

The market research group consists of four sub-divisions - specific research division, satisfaction research division, marketing probing division, and online research division - and located branch research institutions and cooperation institutions in many domestic and overseas offices.

A-level foreign affairs-related research license issued by P.R.C.
8-year’s history, over 300 market research cases.
Branch research institutions in China and abroad to form a complete research network
A professional team composed of 3 research directors, 20 research mangers, and 60 research supervisors and over 800 interviewers.
Field of specialty: telecom operation, IT, universal industrial products, fast consumables, construction and real-estate, etc.
Specialty: specific research, consumer satisfaction research, mystery shopper research, and marketing probing research.
Work on public surveys, focus on social phenomena, and learn public opinions.
Provide services for clients from Fortune 500 around the world and act as a long-term market research and strategy consultant for many multi-national organizations.
Develop many research models and specific consulting products in house, and provide Comprehensive Market Research Solutions service.
Supported by China Association for Science and Technology
Maintain good cooperative relationship with 180 industrial associations, and have powerful social resources.
Mission: to become the best provider of professional customized market research service in China.
Vision: to create the high-class brand of the market research service industry in China.
Strategy: to pursue perfection in specialty, add value by consulting, and challenge the future with online services.