BUSINESS SCOPE-Marketing probing

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) and marketing strategy consulting are important business of Up-Point Consulting (Group). Since both of them are based on the results of marketing probing research, marketing probing is definitely an indispensable part of IMC planning. It is also an important business of the market research group.

Relying on its many years of experiences in marketing and market research, Up-Point Consulting has developed MOS1.0, the “Up-point marketing probing system model”. Facilitated by this model, we’ve completed the marketing probing researches for China Mobile’s data business, Petrol China, Foxconn’ sales channel and Hangzhou Baota Group.

Over the years, Up-point Consulting has finished dozens of satisfaction researches for many service industries, including telecom operation, mobile communication, banking, aviation, commercial chain management, electric power, and IT product service, etc. Examples include the China Mobile consumer satisfaction research, Scite Shopping Center consumer satisfaction research, China computer product satisfaction research, Foxconn Technology Group IT product satisfaction research, etc.
Marketing Oriented system-MOS1.0
The indicator set of Marketing oriented system model-MOS1.0 is divided into three sub-modules, covering 13 primary modules, 40 secondary modules, and 156 tertiary modules. Each level module is extended from the higher level, and the higher level modules are evaluated from the results of the lower level modules. The quantitative technology measures of the research index are the core of the system application. The quantitative technology measures include: Quantitative data collection, Index weight and Calculation of market probing results.
Quantitative data collection
The main job of the MOS system is to achieve the quantitative result of the secondary module index in a right way. Generally, the basic theories and methods of the market research will be adopted, though we may choose different methods when dealing with different problems. The index module and the way of relevant data collection are showed below.
Index weight
Each module index represents a different function in the overall marketing process and has different weight. With many years of experiences in the practical marketing, Up-Point consulting has established its own weight system.
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Calculation of market probing results
MOS = ∑eixi
MOS-general index of marketing probing; ei—weight of number i secondary marketing module ei—probing data of number i secondary marketing module
Conclusion and application
  Using the research data collected by the MOS system, we can work out the score of different indexes. Considering their importance (weight), a 4-D relation chart is achieved:
Area I - Retaining area Successful marketing, to be retained
Area II -Promoting area Marketing problems gather here. People should attach great importance to this area and solve these problems timely.
Area III - Shrinking area Successful marketing, but has less weight in the overall marketing. It can be retained if there is enough fund, otherwise, it should be shrunk accordingly.
Area IV -Straddling area Since these indexes are not very important in the successful marketing, it can be promoted if there is enough fund, otherwise, we can just wait and see.