Up-Point Consulting has accumulated rich experiences in the market research after many years’ working, involving in the different industries, and gradually forming the special research field, such as: telecom operation, IT, universal industrial products, construction and real estate, medical treatment, fast consumables, environmental protection and energy conservation, etc. In addition, we have developed many unique speciality solutions to the various industries, helping clients deal with all kinds of marketing problems.

Telecom operation

Up-Point Consulting has presented the total market research and consulting service to the different telecom carriers all over china with tasks covering the big part of carriers business from sound to data, from the individual businesses to the group businesses, from 2G market probing to 3G market demand estimates, from satisfaction to SP probing. Up-Point Consulting provides our telecom carriers with partner consulting services, not only producing special research, but also strategically marking out the annual market research system for the clients.

■ “Mystery shopping” for CHINA TELECOM business all over china
■ 10010 Satisfaction Survey
■ Telecom competitor survey and evaluation
■ Data group communication demand survey
■ Individual mobile user satisfaction and loyalty research
■ Mobile data business market probing and strategy research
■ Colorful bell churn rate survey and distinguish analysis
■ The infection factors survey for MP functions effecting on WAP and MMS business development
■ Mobile payment (MP purse) business survey
■ SMS prevalence rate improving strategy research
■ Group user wireless DDN business market survey
■ Group user location service market survey
■ Group user USSD business research
■ ……

IT Industry

Up-Point Consulting takes up the leading position in the local consulting industry, and quickly presents the excellent market research service due to the rich experiences in IT industry and the key staffs from the IT industry.

■ IT product satisfaction survey in china
■ Router channel research in china
■ Consume behavior survey in Chinese IT products
■ Market demand survey in Hospital HIS system
■ E-business development survey of Chinese enterprises
■ HP(china) dealer satisfaction survey
■ Mobile terminal (MP, Pocketbook, PDA) user behavior and attitude testing
■ Computer DIY product ( mainboard, cabinet, fan, mouse and keyboard) market research
■ Chinese IDC user satisfaction survey
■ “Universe loop network” application market survey
■ Lenovo “Shang Boshi” computer entering survey
■ Lenovo computer user survey
■ Education software sales channel survey
■ Computer product monopolization shop survey
■ Anti-fake technology market survey
■ ……

Universal Industrial Goods

UP-Point Consulting has the absolute advantages in the industrial and civilian equipment market survey, which Up-Point Consulting is the best and professional at. And during 8 years, it has completed a large number of survey projects, including machine equipments, medical equipments, common equipments, electric equipments and civilian equipments, etc. The survey scope covers industrial research, competition research, demand survey, consume behavior, and policy & laws research, etc. Up-Point Group has awarded the special fund by Beijing municipal government.

■ Siemens Power equipment market research
■ Electromotor market survey in China (Siemens)
■ Switch market survey in China (Siemens)
■ Construction lead market survey in China (Siemens)
■ Transformer market survey in China
■ Ballast market survey in China
■ Intelligentized equipment market survey in China
■ Chinese electric-energy quality application situation survey in the electric networks and users
■ High-effective electric machinery market survey in China.
■ Common machine equipment market survey in China
■ Industrial transfer chains market survey in China
■ Neusoft digital medical equipment market survey
■ Blood vessel imaging system market survey in China
■ Northchina electric energy ammeter market survey in China
■ ……

Construction, building materials and real estate industries

Up-Point Consulting has the longest history in the business field of construction and building material market surveys. Its clients cover the Ministry of Construction P.R. China, the State energy standard commission, International Copper Association, China institute of Building standard design & Research and many real estate developers and so on. Up-Point Consulting provides the clients with the segment market research, covering the building design market (engineering design, steel structure design, and building standard pictures), new building materials application market(building lead, intelligent wiring, flow pipe, drainpipe and radiator), the application markets of developer projects and DIY at home, etc.

■ Machine-made carpet market survey in China
■ Building copper water pipe consumption survey in china form 1999 to 2003
■ Building copper lead consumption survey in china from 1999 to 2006
■ House drainpipe system research in Beijing and Shanghai
■ House radiator survey in Beijing and Shanghai
■ Consume demand exploring research of room heating system in china
■ House flow pipe material market survey in Jiangsu and Zhejiang
■ Competition situation research of the construction design market
■ The demand research of the construction water painting
■ The small town development strategy research of Bejing Tongzhou
■ Business district research of the coastal real-estate projects
■ The feasibility research of Haibo comprehensive building
■ ……

Fast Consumable Industry

Up-Point Consulting is also good at the market research of the fast consumable industry, same as other market research companies. It has completed many market research tasks, and developed over 20 market research models.

■ The diet product market research in china
■ The calcium product market research in china
■ The stomach medicine product market research
■ The health product market situation and development trend research
■ The toy market research in china
■ Customer demand and taste testing research of Sport nurture
■ Chinese milk product market research
■ Customer behavior research of Chinese red wine market
■ The motorcycle market research
■ The after service system research of NOKIA mobile
■ The service satisfaction research of Samsung
■ The rice industrial chain research in china
■ The work clothes market research in china
■ Taste testing research of Qingdao Loashan beer
■ Development situation research of Chinese shampoo market
■ Strategy research of Yanjing beverage market entry
■ ……