BUSINESS SCOPE-Consumer satisfaction research

Consumer satisfaction research, or CSR, is a newly emerged research technology in recent years. Its aim is to examine the satisfaction of consumers towards a certain product or service. That includes several key indexes such as the rate of satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer complaint and recommendation rate, etc. Generally, it is a consecutively quantitative research, employing methods of telephone interview, door-to-door interview, mystery shopping, and mail interview, etc.

Up-Point Consulting is an expert in the field of consumer satisfaction research and takes a leading position in Chinese market. Up to now, the company has fulfilled the specific research of dozens of such projects, and established the “satisfaction research model” of its own. Meanwhile, by cooperating with Market Probe, a well-known research company from the U.S., Up-Point Consulting has imported “Loyalty Rx”, the internationally recognized advanced satisfaction and loyalty research model, to create a feasible way of “satisfaction improvement” for the Chinese clients, and help them avoid “customer defection”.

Usually, the satisfaction research of Up-Point Consulting will fulfill the task of:

■ Finding out the key factors influencing satisfaction
■ Measuring the current satisfaction
■ Finding out the most important factors influencing the improvement of satisfaction
■ Producing suggestions on how to improve satisfaction
■ Tracking the changes of satisfaction and finding out the reasons for the changes

Over the years, Up-point Consulting has finished dozens of satisfaction researches for many service industries, including telecom operation, mobile communication, banking, aviation, commercial chain management, electric power, and IT product service, etc. Examples include the China Mobile consumer satisfaction research, Scite Shopping Center consumer satisfaction research, China computer product satisfaction research, Foxconn Technology Group IT product satisfaction research, etc.
Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a new type of consumer satisfaction research. In this research, a trained “mystery shopper” will finish a specified market research content by behaving like a common customer at an appointed shopping place. Since the “mystery shopper” behaves the same as a common customer, it is hard for the sales staff to recognize him from other buyers. The significance of the research is to help the client get information feedback, appraise and measure, supervise and control the work of its staffs, make pre-warning when necessary, and better manage and instruct the staff.

Up-Point Consulting’s “mystery shopping” system is one of the most advanced systems of its kind in China, and even in the world. We’ve developed the “Up-point mystery shopping and appraisal system” for Chinese market specially. This system is the first of its kind in the world, and has been successfully applied in many large service companies. It is one of the core research tools for the Chinese market research.

In virtue of our nationwide comprehensive, efficient and low-cost “mystery shopping” network and transparent way of project management, we’ve ensured the high quality of the researches and won the trust and recognition from our clients, just to name a few, China Telecom, Petrol China, China Electric Power, China Unicom, China Construction Bank, Lenovo Group, Tsinghua Tongfang, Beijing International Capital Airport, Tiens Group, NOKIA (China), Samsung Electronics, etc.

There are four advantages of Up-point’s “mystery shopper research” system:
Professional experience: With five years of experiences, we’ve become the contracted partner with more than twenty large service companies:
○ Mystery shopping at over 2,000 franchised stores of “Lenovo Group”;
○ Mystery shopper annual research at 1,500 gas stations of North China Petroleum Company of Petrol China;
○ Mystery shopper annual research of Beijing Capital International Airport’s commercial service system;
○ Mystery shopper annual research of China Telecom’s 900 business halls;
○ Mystery shopper annual research of Bank of China business halls;
○ Mystery shopping of China Mobile (Shannxi) business halls;
○ ……

Research network : We have 5 regional offices, 80 supervisors, and a mystery shopper team of 700 people providing services in 30 provincial capital cities, 400 prefecture-level cities, 1,000 county-level cities and counties. Meanwhile, there are liaison branches directly under the control of the headquarters in over 80 cities/regions nationwide, facilitating the job of the team.

Database management system : Our independently developed “database management system for mystery shopping” has integrated the four major functions, they are data storage, data inquiry, statistics analysis and visual presentation.

Marketing service : We can provide custom-tailored marketing suggestions according to the findings of “mystery shopping”.