Marketing Opinion--TMS seamless marketing plan

Under the guidance of our president-Dr. Xu Jingkui, who has been honed in 10 years marketing practice, based on numerous brand operating experiences from a large amount of marketing case analyses and researches, we advanced our marketing opinions into the TMS (Total Marketing Solution) seamless marketing plan.

The objective of putting up the TMS plan is to provide theoretical tools for product marketing and marketing probing. TMS can also help enterprises to adjust marketing strategies and carry on integrated marketing communications.

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Professional: since TMS plan was established on the basis of the integrated marketing theory and the essence of many practical cases, therefore it is specialized and professional.
Innovative: as TMS is a pioneer plan with innovation, it is recognized as the best marketing tool in China.
Measurable: each indicator in TMS can be measured in figures; therefore, it can describe and evaluate the market performance of each marketing element quantitatively.
Implemental: a small software is supplied to make the operation easier, and replacing the traditional descriptive marketing consulting and evaluation.
Practical: it can be used in the marketing consulting for different products and projects, so it is objective and practical.

The index set of TMS is abbreviated to MOI (Marketing Oriented Index). MOI is founded from the integrated marketing theory, can measure companies' marketing results effectively. MOI is divided into three levels. Each level module is expanded from a higher level, and the higher level module is evaluated by the result of a lower level modules.

In MOI, the marketing elements are divided into 13 primary modules, 40 secondary modules and 156 tertiary modules.

In the actual application of TMS, the main job is to achieve the quantitative result of the secondary module index in a right way. Generally, the basic theories and methods of the market research will be adopted, though we may choose different methods when dealing with different problems. The index module and the way of relevant data collection are showed above.

Marketing indexes are important elements in the system. Each module index represents a different function in the overall marketing mix and has different weights. Thus, weight is the most important quantitative data in the system. With many years of experiences in the practical marketing, Up-Point Consulting has established its own weights system.