Up-Point Consulting has accumulated rich experiences of 300 cases in the integrated marketing communication and brand promotion for 8 years, involving in different industries, and gradually forming a special service field, such as: telecom operation, IT, construction and building materials, home supplies, real estate, food, medicine and health product, and other industries, etc. In addition, we have developed many unique total marketing solutions for various industries, and helped clients to deal with all kinds of marketing problems.

Telecom Operation

Up-Point Consulting has presented total services of marketing planning and brand promotion to different telecom carriers all over China, and involved with their major businesses, especially for data business. Up-Point Consulting provided our telecom carriers with partner consulting services, not only producing special marketing planning, but also making the annual marketing planning system from the strategic point of view.

■ The annual marketing scheme of China Mobile data business in 2005
■ The integrated marketing solution of Shanxi Branch of China Mobile data business
■ The integrated marketing solution of Shanxi Branch of China Mobile Wstong Project
■ The marketing solution of Xi'an Branch of China Mobile CRBT(Coloring Ring Back Tone) business
■ The marketing solution Of China Mobile Data business
■ The annual marketing plan Of Sichuan Branch of China Unicom
■ The marketing solution Of Tianjin Branch of China Unicom CRBT business
■ ……

IT Industry

Up-Point Consulting takes up with being in the leading position in the local consulting industry, and quickly presents the excellent all-dimensional services of brand promotion and marketing planning based on rich cases and experiences in IT industry.

■ The total marketing solution of Foxconn-"Silver Fox Plan" in 2004
■ The PR event of Foxconn"Popular Tonight" in 2005
■ The PR event of Foxconn "Creative and Wonderful-Football Carnival " in 2006
■ 2004-2006 Foxconn media communication project
■ The total marketing solution of Foxconn terminal in 2006
■ The special media communication of FLUKE
■ 2004 Global Conference & 2005 Shanghai Exhibition for INTERMEC
■ The planning and implementing of NOKIA annual conference
■ HP server product road show in Shanghai & Hangzhou
■ "Perfect-pair,Win-win In China "-- Foxconn new product launch
■ The 12th International Exhibition of Automatic Identification For INTERMEC
■ CCBN Exhibition of Israel Network Company Technology
■ The special media communication plan of Dangdang.com
■ The planning and implementing for CCTV Online Meeting
■ The market-entry research and marketing plan for Lenovo computer-"Dr. Business"
■ The integrated marketing solution of E-work
■ The media communication project of Cool Mail
■ The integrated marketing solution of "ACCPAC Software"
■ The annual media communication project of Inspur Server in 2005
■ 2003-2006 annual market promotion of Giesecke & Devrient GmbH (Germany)
■ ……

Construction, Building materials, Home supplies and Real estate

Up-Point Consulting has the longest history in the business field of construction, building materials and real estate industries, covering household electrical appliances, industrial electrics, building materials, paving materials, building materials application market ( building lead, intelligent wiring, flow pipe, drainpipe and radiator), the application markets of real estate projects and DIY at home, etc.

■ The total marketing solution of Wear-dated Carpet of SOLUTIA USA
■ The commonweal event of 1999-2006 ICA architectural lead-- "High Power, New Life"
■ 1999-2004 Market Promotion Of ICA Copper hose
■ Annual Brand Promotion Of Building Heating Equipment For ENSTO(Finland)
■ The annual brand promotion project of Samsung Air-conditioner
■ The brand promotion project of Haier Home (Cabinet) Supplies
■ The sales promotion of Samsung Electron Terminal
■ The marketing plan of "Aowei Shopping Mall"
■ The integrated marketing solution of Lake-view Villa
■ Planning of "New Home Club"
■ The integrated marketing solution of BAOTA Paint
■ The development strategy and brand promotion for Small Town Of Beijing Tongzhou
■ The research on Business Circle Of Inshore Real Estate
■ The feasibility study and marketing plan for Haibo Building Complex
■" Special Center"Business Building Cluster Ceremony
■ Shanghai Exhibition of Jackson Carpet ( 2002-2004,Shanghai)
■ Shanghai Exhibition of Solutia USA (2000-2004,Shanghai)
■ Beijing New Product Launch of Wear-dated Carpet
■ ……

Food, Health Products, Medicine

Up-Point Consulting is also good at the marketing planning in the fast consumable industry, such as food, health products and medicine, with the professional team and dozens of successful cases. We are going to keep on our superiority in this industry, shining Up-Point Consulting brand in the fast consumable industry.

■ The marketing plan of the Fifth Generation Entry of Yubaotang Diet Product
■ The annual PR Communication Plan of Jinde Calcium products
■ Comdrugcide Analgesic Sales Promotion Design
■ Seacell Newly Entered Product Marketing Plan
■ DQ(OJ) Brand Integrated Marketing Plan
■ "I am the best "- Integrated Marketing Plan of Zhuangzhuangcong Health Product
■ "Shock Wave Plan" Integrated Marketing Plan of Jiayi Food
■ "Spring Ploughing" Plan-Brand Marketing Design of Beijing Jingwang Noodle
■ The integrated marketing plan of Slimming Tea, Changrun Tea, SO Slimming Tea of OUTSELL (China)
■ Product Development Strategy Research on Wuhan Jianmin "Os Draconis &Oyster Strengthening Bones Powder"
■ The marketing plan of Hangzhou Holly Life Technology of "Life Vitamin Product "
■ The total marketing solution of Tonghua Wangtong Pharmaceutical Group
■ Marketing Plan of Tonghua Wine Series
■ ……

Other Industries

Besides the above mentioned industries, Up-Point Consulting also has many successful cases in the other industries, such as: petroleum, travel, hospital, agriculture, logistics, etc.

■ "Diamond Flower Plan" of CNPC --the marketing plan of Gasoline Station Retail System
■ The integrated marketing plan of CNPC Capital Taxi Terminal System
■ "Tour to the gem country Plan"--the marketing plan of traveling in Sri Lanka
■ The integrated marketing plan of "Sino-America Training Institution"
■ The integrated marketing plan of CMSB VIP Card
■ The marketplace sales promotion of "SKYWORTH Healthy TV"
■ The integrated marketing plan of "CCTV-AD Ceremony"
■ "Flying Wings of Success" -- the integrated marketing plan of "BeidaBiz.com"
■ The integrated marketing plan of "New YanSha Mall"
■ The integrated marketing plan of "WuZhou Female Hospital"
■ "Flying with Beauty, Enjoying the Joy" -- the integrated marketing plan of HaiDian Traveling
■ Germany H?fele Opening Ceremony
■ 2005 WCG Celebrity Golf" Charity Match
■ The planning and meeting management of "Asian Culture Cooperation Conference"
■ The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Huangshi G&D Wanda Security Card
■ Opening Ceremony of "WuZhou Female Hospital"
■ ICA Hidden Project Fitment Technology Seminar
■ Beijing 119 (fire warning) Theme Propaganda Event
■ ……