Integrated Marketing Communication Planning

Integrated Marketing Communication planning is the most competitive business field of Up-Point Consulting with more than 300 successful marketing planning cases. IMC group is deeply familiar with operation rules in various industries and solutions to marketing problems in different developing phases of each enterprise. IMC group provides our clients with the right and proper ntegrated Marketing Communication Solution building the winning foundation of the client, based on the external environment analysis and the internal condition analysis.

IMC group can provide the ustom-tailored integrated arketing Communication Solution in accordance with the client's demand, including marketing probing, marketing model design, target market positioning, product positioning, price positioning, brand planning, channel design, investment promotion proposal, public relation communication planning, advertising planning, marketing organization management, execution and control, etc.


Marketing Probing Marketing Model Design Target Market Positioning
Marketing Probing is the most important part of the integrated marketing communication planning. Marketing probing includes two parts: the external market survey analysis and the internal marketing resource analysis. The aim of the external market survey analysis is to acquire macroscopical status of the related market and analyze what do our clients need, such as: challenge and threat, development opportunity, competitive condition, customer demand, company image, product image, concept test of new product and so on. The aim of the internal marketing resource analysis is to know clearly about the internal resource condition and organization status, advantage and disadvantage, in order to strengthen the competitive position in the industry. The SWOT analysis will be implemented by using outcomes from these analyses. Marketing Model Design is directly related to the marketing success or failure. Its importance would come to truth when a product enters into the market. The success of adopting a marketing model is related to many factors, they are market environment, political policy, product features, price, company culture, value orientation and staff requirements, etc. Based on the result of the market survey and the actual condition of the product, Up-Point Consulting can design a feasible marketing models for our clients, such as chain management model, direct marketing model, distribution model, database marketing model, special channel model, net marketing model and etc. As far as the new product entry concerned, the market positioning is one of the most important tasks based on the market segment research. The right market positioning will make a new product entry smoothly, and build its own brand and competitive advantage. If the market positioning is incorrect, then marketing itself would be strongly restrained, even result the product entry to fail. According to the market segment research, Up-Point Consulting is willing to help enterprises or companies find the target market for meeting their development goals. Target at various customers in each segment market, then combine unique product-market with adopted strategy to gain maximum profit.
Product Positioning Price Positioning Brand Planning
Product Positioning is different from Marketing Positioning, its core is 襊roduct? which solves the problems of how to meet the target-customers' demands with different products. Product Positioning includes product function and attribute positioning, product line positioning, product appearances and packing positioning, product value positioning, etc. Product Positioning is a comprehensive research which based on the market research, and combined with R&D strength. Up-Point Consulting has accumulated many-years experiences in market research and marketing practices, therefore it developed a complete set of product positioning research models. Price is one of the most important attributes for a product and also be one of the most sensitive factors influences the purchasing behavior. Price Positioning is directly related to the product performance in the market. Therefore, the price testing and pricing strategy are very important in the marketing plan of a new product development and entry. Pricing strategies include consumer-oriented market penetration, profit-oriented market dividend, and cost-oriented/quality bundling. As a symbol of a company, a region or a product, brand is not only a name, a sign, but it also represents customer's feelings and evaluations about a product. Therefore, brand planning is the core aspect of the marketing system. Up-Point Consulting always elaborately designs a brand via brand compass, which contains brand name, brand core value, brand positioning, VI designing, brand individuality, brand profit, etc. After all, Up-Point Consulting will provide a handbook of Brand Design and Management?to the client based on above factors.
Channel Design Investment Promotion Proposal Public Communication Planning
Products reach to customers through sales channel eventually, and smooth channels can ensure product market entry smoothly. Therefore, whether the channel strategy is successful or not will affect directly on the execution results of other marketing elements. By the means of marketing research method and analysis of over 20 channel models in China, Up-Point Consulting presents feasible channel strategy to clients, including channel planning and channel model design, which covers channel structure model, channel length and width, channel relation design and channel management model, etc. Investment Promotion is one of the most important tasks in the marketing planning field after making channel strategy. Its core task is to look for the investors by not only the excellent product planning and also the careful investment promotion plan. After many years of investment-promotion experiences, Up-Point Consulting developed nine principles of the investment promotion, mainly covering: investment-promotion team buildup and management, investment-promotion creative tools, investment-promotion communication planning, investment-promotion planning method, execution and control, etc. Public Communication Planning is the core part in the marketing system. The goal of public communications is to establish closer ties between enterprises (products) and their customers, so as to improve brand value and sales performance. Up-Point Consulting has accumulated 8 years experiences in the public communication planning and execution field with over 200 cases, and provided clients with the total public communication planning, which includes media communication, theme article planning, PR event planning, crisis management, film-video planning, conference and exhibition planning, etc.
Advertisement Planning Marketing
Organization Management
Execution Control
Advertisement is a traditional mean of brand communication; it has pervaded in every aspect of the modern society and deeply affected consumptive ideas. However, how to secure the expected outcome after spending huge amount money on advertisement? How to reduce the marginal effect and maximize the advertisement outcome? They are primary questions which are always bothered companies. On the basis of the marketing probing and brand planning, Up-Point Consulting can give the most reasonable solutions to the above problems. Our goal of the advertisement planning is to help clients realizing the power of media communication and persuasion of advertisement. The marketing organization development and management are important elements of marketing. Enterprises often have the following problems: ineffective work result by the rapid expansion of the marketing organization; the hampered marketing progress result by the reasonless structure of the new marketing organization; and collapse outcome by losing control of the marketing organization management. Adapting to the new marketing age, Up-Point Consulting comes up with the new marketing organization model, which is much more effective than the traditional model in terms of management efficiency, resource integration, programmed and norming management, and customer satisfaction. The excellent execution is the key of achieving the goal of marketing planning. Up-Point Consulting provides our clients with not only the integrated marketing plan, but also the execution and control procedures; therefore the marketing goal is more secured. First of all, we have an excellent executive team with rich experiences and can help clients accomplish the specific marketing research;. Secondly, we can present some macro-management and micro-guidance to the clients' own sales and marketing team to improve their execution if it is necessary.