FOXCONN GROUP: one of the FORTUNE GLOBAL 500, international IT magnate. Four years marketing, mixed the tactics of strategy, advertisement, channel, public relation, promotion, enhanced their sales performance by 10 times in 3 years, sales reached 18 hundred million, became the first-class brand in IT industry.
Data Business of CHINA MOBILE (Shanxi): with market research and marketing probing, we found the key obstacle which impeded the development of data business. We designed 10 market plans, re-established the market conditions, thereafter, the data business increased 35% yearly.
Building Wire of ICA,USA: eight years’ integrated marketing communications brought a plentiful harvest, the whole country consumption increased from 15 hundred thousand tons in 1998 to 32 hundred thousand tons in 2005.
Wear-Dated Carpet of SOLUTIA USA: the first brand in the world carpet market, 5 years’ brand marketing create created the No.1 import brand in China.
Low Voltage Apparatus of SIEMENS: though it is a world brand, Siemens still faced difficulties in the China market. By the use of meticulous market analysis, we helped Siemens layout its China market developing strategy, and cooperated with the company. Finally, the Low Voltage Apparatus of Siemens established a dominant position in the China market.
Travel SRI LANKA: it was Heaven on Earth, but no one knew it. We planned “tour to the gem country”, pulled the Chinese outbound travel to Sri Lanka to reach 20 thousand persons a year.
Slimming Tea of OUTSELL (CHINA): with artful product poisoning and agile market tactics, the sales got 1.8 hundred million from 300 hundred thousand in the first year, and got 2.8 hundred million in the next year. Slimming Tea of Outsell created a myth that the input-output ratio was 1:21, she became the first brand in the tea type healthy food.
Troche Bone of WANGTONG MEDICINE COMPANY (CHINA): marketing tactics brought surprising effects. Telefilms, expert volunteer diagnoses, special topic broadcasting, and hospital public relations, all the measures took good action. Troche Bone of Wangtong worked miracles three times, from 1 million to 80 million, from 80 million to 1.6 hundred million, from 1.6 hundred million to 3.2 hundred million.
Life Vitamin of HOLLEY LIFE TECHNOLOGY (CHINA): with the marketing strategy of “end service is the king, region is the king”, the mixed tactics of “broadcasting dominates, TV assists, community is the base”, we held up the competitor’s entry, helped Life Vitamin become the first brand in the regional sales.
Wine of TONGHUA MAOXIANG WINE STOCK COMPANY LTD (CHINA): re-positioned the century-old wine, uncovered the unique selling proposition, the old product bloomed, broke the severe competition, and became the best selling wine in the north-east area in the same year.