PR Event Planning and Executing

With the economy era of business exhibitions and market events constantly evolved and innovated, it has been never so strong that the brand and image rely on PR events and exhibitions like today. Brand promotion is so much important in the current business development that many enterprises have shifted their communication methods from the traditional advertisement to PR communication- focused on market promotion.

Up-Point Consulting attained considerable knowledge and experiences of practical operations and theories in the field of large-scale PR event planning and executing, exhibition planning, organizing and managing, etc. Up-point Consulting is worth of trust with the strong project management of more than one hundred of exhibitions and PR events. For its excellent works, Up-Point Consulting was granted of "The Award of Best PR Cases" by China Association of Planning Tactics in 2005, with the planner of "Creative and Wonderful-Foxconn Football Carnival" named as "Gold-medal Planner of China".

PR event planning, conference service, and exhibition service are the sparking core businesses of Up-Point Consulting. Our staffs are composed of young people with full of profession, specialization, creative spirits and many-years of industrial experiences. PR event planning and executing services also integrate the resource advantage of marketing planning, media communication, picture design, market research and etc, all of them make PR events became to a tool to realize market strategy, realizing market goal, shaping brand image, and propagandizing company culture.

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